The First "R"

WARNING: This advice may or may not change your life. Read on to find out why:

What's the First R? Reduce. While environmental responsibility and sustainability typically come to mind first, this principle is applicable to a broad range of situations. 

Not too long ago, I applied this train of thought to a crucial area in my life: finances. When approaching graduation from College ( 95% financially independent), money tends to be a little bit tight. There are countless methods out there to aid with budgeting, however, consumption reduction is a very important fundamental! One of my classmates and friend of mine, Raffi Giglio, presented us all with a great opportunity: free grad photos!

Surprisingly, I was one of the few people who took advantage of the opportunity. The photoshoot was a lot of fun, and he shot some great images (Photographed by Raffi, edited by myself). Check them out if you'd like: 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We all know what the "Three R's" are, and most will know their meaning. Recently I heard an addition to this rule of thumb ... "Refuse"! Make a conscious effort to turn away anything unnecessary (advertisements, plastic bags/water bottles, negativity), and you will likely experience a better quality of life. This isn't just some hippie nonsense advice, it's wisdom that can be applicable in almost all aspects of life.


Hey now, don't just take my word for it, give it a try sometime! Be sure to monitor the results, so you can accurately gage the results. I'd love to hear back about your experience!  Leave a comment letting me know how you implemented this principle, and the effect it has on your life. Who knows ... this could be the start of something big!