Passing The Torch

     The time has come, and now the school year has now ended. My work study contracts for the year have officially finished, and I no longer work at Humber College's student federation (HSF). This job has been a blast from start to finish, and I can difinitively say it's been my favourite since joining the workforce at the age of 13. Working at HSF has enabled me to hone my skills, build strong event and celebrity portfolios, and network for the future ... getting paid to do what I love was great too! 

     First and foremost, I owe thanks to George Halim, for providing me with this opportunity. George introduced me to Nick Farnell, who would soon become my boss. Shoutout to John Klassen for sharing his knowledge on Videography with me, and doing great freelance work both for and with me( check out his work ). Congrats to Ahmed, and Rafael for their VP positions next year, as well as Shawn who I'm sure will be president again in 4 months time. Thanks to this years VP Colin for helping me create this image. It was also great to work AND study alongside top notch photographer Desiree Thomas ( website here ). Just as importantly, all the writers, events team, promotions team, board members, and executives have had a fond impact on my memories.  But really: if I  thanked everyone who positively impacted my experience individually ... no one would read this blog post, due to sheer length. Here, I'll just show you what a bunch of beauties these guys are:

  Photo Credit to Jason Matos, click on the picture for a website link,

Photo Credit to Jason Matos, click on the picture for a website link,

     And last but not least, I mean ... I named this blog "Passing the Torch" for a reason.  As was done for me, I've done for another.  Today shot my first gig as a freelancer for HSF (they sometimes hire out for specific occasions), and would like to thank Craig Bagol for his assistance and attention to detail. I introduced craig to my boss last week, and recommended him as my successor. Craig is an Engineering student as it stands, and will graduate next year in order to complete his commitment. However Craig made it clear his true passion is photography, and will enter the Creative Photography program in 2015. Check out his work here

That's all for now folks. I feel as though gratitude is integral to happiness, and just wanted to say thank you. Goodbye for now HSF.