Let There Be Light!


The name does not deceive ... these lights are SMART.  


DISCLAIMER: photos for this post were taken with my iPhone, don't judge! Lol

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned he was ordering a lighting system, and asked if I wanted to join. After careful consideration, I decided this investment would be very benefitial to my growth as a professional photographer.

3 light units & 2 portable battery packs were roughly 3/4 of the order, in terms of price. Thankfully, Paul C Buff light modifiers are incredibly affordable, and I didn't have to skimp on those at all! Go big or go home right? Here's what my customized kit looks like: 


On paper, this is an impressively powerful unit. In person it preformed flawlessly as described ... right out of the box.

I have already shot two events this week with these units, and am pumped to post the results soon! Big things coming, stay tuned. 

To anyone who read up to this point: thank you for your time and interest. Have a great weekend!