6 Lessons Worth Learning

      Man, what a summer it has been. As the season wraps up, I'm beginning to appreciate what a great time it has been!

      The last four months of full time freelancing have set a fast pace, and taught me a ton during the process. I'm all for "winging it" but let's be serious ... there are some things you just can't slack off on. These things matter, is what I've learned the most. I'll share a shortlist of my findings, just to keep things short and sweet.

1)     Take care of yourself! Seriously ... this has been by far the most important lesson so far. Take time for yourself, and don't shy away from a little TLC. Do whatever it takes in your world, be it meditation, reading, taking a jog, going shopping, a day at the spa, skydiving ... you name it! Future - you is going to thank present - you for taking a little time to recharge.

2)     Don't be too hard on yourself. These days it's all about more, faster, better, bigger! Personally I find that with the advent of modern technology, there's more pressure than ever to do something great, or go "viral". This can become burdensome, so sometimes you need to let go. Take time to count your blessings & accomplishments, and I guarantee you will feel a lot more confident in your abilities and potential! 

3)     Shut. Up. I mean this quite literally, and not as offensively as it may sound. Quite simply put: you NEED to find time for quiet in this crazy world. I live in Toronto (the fourth largest city in North America ... ) and it's quite busy, at all times. In order to keep your mind at a minimum amount of calm, take time to have silence, and peace. Meditation, going for a walk, and hanging out in a sauna are all great examples of how to unwind, and mentally de-toxify. 

4)     Do something different! If you're feeling burnt out, or bored with life, it's time to take on a new perspective. Is there a hobby you've always wanted to try, a patch of land you've always wanted to explore, or a niche you've always wanted to learn about? What better time and place than here and now? You may be surprised to find that this benefits plenty other aspects of your life!

5)     Respect the Process. Overnight success doesn't happen overnight. Really, they're the result of 10+ years of hard work and dedication. If really want to be successful, then you've got to be prepared to do the work it takes to get there. Keep in mind points 1-4 but make sure that you're on the grind day in and day out. It will be worth it, someday. Until that day just keep going.

6) Last but not least, KEEP A SCHEDULE!!! Not abiding by this basic step has nipped me in the butt a few times this summer. Although I don't like to learn the hard way, this was really a great lesson in time management. After all "Wisdom comes from experience, and experience comes from mistakes." ... stay wise my friends, and remember: Preparation is Domination 

Hope you've enjoyed reading on a bit of my newfound perspective as a full time freelancer. A lot of these points have borrowed inspiration from others, including idol Chase Jarvis, friend Adam Rochon, and mentor Nick Ashfield. Although, like any great artist in the past, I'll not be afraid to steal and adapt on my journey to creating great things of my own. 


PS - if I forget anything that you think is worth noting, feel free to leave a comment below!