Lori-Anne & Andrei's Wedding!

I recently was asked to document a very unique and small wedding. How small you ask? 7 people total, strictly family in attendance here! Although it wasn't traditional by most means, it was a beautiful occasion celebrated between two people who were clearly head over heels in love! Congrats to Lori-Anne & Andrei, hope the honeymoon was spectacular!!

Alpha OCR #1 of 2015

Yesterday was the first OCR (obstacle course race) hosted by Alpha Obstacle Training in 2015! As always, participants had a great time during & after the race. The sense of community & encouragement is always abundant, but don't be fooled ... this is an intense workout! The afterparty at Boston Pizza was enjoyed by many, which included free apps, discounted food & drink, and prizes for the top racers. 

This was the first of many OCR's to be hosted by Alpha this year. If you haven't heard of them yet, or been down for a workout, you should definitely check them out ASAP! They can be found at: www.alphaobstacletraining.com  

The rest of the photos below are just a sample of what's to expect -

Casey House Groundbreaking

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the groundbreaking ceremony for the brand new Casey House extension that's being built! This was definitely an emotional ceremony for all those who attended, including our Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne! With almost $10 million dollars raised for this one of a kind facility in recent years, the shovels dug into the ground and the building officially started moving forward!

To learn more about the Casey house please visit: http://www.caseyhouse.com/

Here are a few shots from the ceremony, and reception that followed! Lots of happy faces:

Here's a link to view more photos on the Casey House Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/caseyhouse/sets/72157649353840683/#